Saturday, August 14, 2010

Conclusion.. Sensei BM = Baka Obaba... XD

Yeah... This is a continuation from the previous post... I know I haven't been blogging that often lately but that's not important, the thing is I'm back now~~~ *Ching ching ching ching* Yeah yeah, I know you guys missed me and stuff~~ =)))))) 

As I said, this is the PART TWO of the previous post... Why? Hahahaha!! You seriously won't believe my answer~~ I mean SERIOUSLY.... You know what I did when I was doing my homework right..? With all the funky answers I gave my BM teacher in school hidden in my answers... =)))) Well...... She didn't notice it... Yeap~ She DIDN'T notice it, with TWO big TICKS and TADAAAAAA, marking-books-job done~~~ Hahahaha!!! It was great! REALLY great!! 

I salute to my teacher~~ OMGawd... This is the picture of my exercise book after she marked it... 

My Sastera homework marked with a BIG tick~~ =))))

Soooo...? AIn't it great..? Hahahaha!! Proved that she doesn't do her homework properly and actually deducts our merit points for not doing her stoopid, bullshit work... Damn her!!! 

Sooo, yeah!!! Had a great time with this post..? XD XD Check out my gonna-be-posted-post soon... =))))

Bye peoplez and thanx for reading!!! This is wicked stuff!! =))))

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sensei wa baka..?? Hee hee...

Me and my classmates all agree that my BM teacher is a bitch who gives loads of homework to pass up on that day itself... But the thing is.... She doesn't mark them.. No, I mean like she DOESN'T read our answers and tell us what's wrong with them.. I'll tell you what she does... Hehe.. Flip to the homework page then put a GIANT tick and write down the day's date and *plop* Next Book PLEASE..... Shitty thing, I know... So..... Hahahahahah!!! You'll definitely gonna like this post (ONLY if you're not the GEEKY type of person.. >__O ).. Well YEAH!! Lets get started!!! I can't wait!!!

So.... Yeap... I've decided to do my homework like any other GOOD and STUDIOUS kid, BUT... I've also decided to add some stuff for my teacher, hidden in all my answers.. So, if she notices it, she's an asshole for noticing it in the SECOND attempt (I've done this to her before *winks*).. If she doesn't notice it, she's a BIGGER asshole for NOT noticing it... Yeap, definitely a bigger asshole...  But, don't get me wrong, its not like I SUPER DUPER hate her or anything, I just DON'T LIKE her... =) It's not that severe yet, don't worry... XD XD XD

Right... She taught us this new Sajak entitled Di Ruang Gemanya... The theme is about patriotism, teaching us to love our country and stuff... So, after asking us to do notes about it, she listed down our homework on the blackboard... And do you want me to list down all the Q's and A's..? Teehee, of course you would... XD

Alright, here goes...

Q1. Apakah tekad yang dilakukan oleh penyajak?
Penyajak bertekad supaya negaranya terus makmur selepas terlepas daripada cengkaman penjajah dan menghapuskan semua guru yang tidak menyemak buku saya, terutamanya guru ini yang sedang menyemak buku saya sekarang. Penyajak juga bertekad untuk mengisi kemerdekaan dengan yakin negaranya akan temui makmur dan merdeka walaupun sukar.

Q2. Pada pandangan anda, apakah kesannya jika rakyat tidak setia kepada negaranya?
Pada pandangan saya, negara kita akan dijajah oleh penjajah dengan mudah jika rakyat tidak setia kepada negaranya. Selain itu, rakyat juga akan membelot dan menuju ke istana Yang-di-Pertuan Agong lalu menumbuknya kao kao. Di samping itu, kemerdekaan negara tidak akan dicapai jika rakyat tidak setia kepada negara.

Q3. (Tidak perlu post kat sini, nothing to do with the teacher, the answer is a normal answer, so save it... =)))) )

This is a picture of the first question. I took it in school before passing it up... =)))

The second question... Hey, the picture is very clear.... =)))))

AAAAAAND!!! Lastly, Me with my Latihan Sastera I, Or was it II...? XDDDD

Well, I highlighted the part where my FUNKY answers are... =) 

Hahahahahah!!! Cool right..? XD XD I'm sorry if you do not understand BM but if you look for me on Twitter or Skype, I can translate it for you, only if you want to know what I wrote... =) Oh and thanx for reading!! Hope you love this post... =)

Okey peepz... Its Leour time-out!! Byez!!! Love you guys!!